Get Involved

There is only one requirement for NA membership, "a desire to stop using," but there are many benefits. One of these benefits is the privilege of service.

We who have the disease of addiction spent years of our lives locked up in ourselves. We were cut off from the warmth and fellowship of human beings; our lives revolved almost exclusively around “getting and using and finding ways and means to get more.” The love that connects one person another to the next, the selfless service that feeds and houses and clothes and warms and nurtures humankind — of that love, of that selfless service we had no part. That’s why it’s such a privilege in our recovery to be able to serve others, for we come to know ourselves only in looking beyond ourselves and we keep what we have only by giving it away. By empathizing with other members, by learning to appreciate their needs, by placing them ahead of our own — by these things we learn to love others, and in doing so we learn to love ourselves.

The service we do in our recovery is many things. We take a more active role in our everyday lives, serving others as better friends, better family members, better workers, and better citizens. When we find an NA meeting where we feel at home and NA friends with whom we identify, we’ve found a home group, a base for our own recovery and a place where we can serve other addicts by sharing our recovery with them. The time, the experience, and the empathy we offer others in our home group we extend even further to others we serve in NA sponsorship. All these ways of serving others demonstrate the spiritual awakening of our Twelfth Step, evidenced in our efforts “to carry this message to addicts and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”